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Beautiful smile

A Teeth Whitening Experience Tailored to Your Needs
Beautiful smile

Implant Procedure

In simple terms they are titanium biocompatible rods or screws that are fixed to the jawbone. An extension is then secured to the implant and a new crown is placed to match the colour and contours of your own teeth.
Implant Procedure

Our insurance covers any emergency treatment in your country of origin in the case of necessity.

Dental Implants

We implement useable Swiss implants even during sedation. The patient gets his implant with a new crown in just one visit.

Crown & Bridges

We will retrieve Your tooth with ceramic crown, that no one will know, it is not Yours.

Aesthetic Veneers

As a first clinic in central Europe we offer the real Hollywood smile, a complete makeover of teeth without the need to drill.

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Here you can compare prices in Great Britain and in the Czech Republic, and count how much you SAVE.

Full Service

We can book your flight, accommodation and everything you want...